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Wine store 1

Matije Korvina 12, Subotica
024 553 242
Working time: Monday - Saturday 8.30-20.30, Sunday 9.00-14.00

Wine store 2

Rudić ulica 1, Subotica
024 600 616
Working time: Monday - Saturday 09.00-21.00, Sunday - closed

On the shelves of wine shops, besides the wine of Zvonko Bogdan Winery, can also be found other top quality wines from famous wine regions - France, Spain, Italy and New World wines.

In the offer are also other exclusive goods such as champagne, cognac, whiskey, then homemade chocolates in special packaging, as well as wine accessories like wine openers, decanters and wine glasses of well-known Riedel brand.

The interior of the building exudes with museum ambiance and the warmth of spaces is complemented by the sounds of famous songs of Zvonko Bogdan.