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  • Mission

    Led by the trace of history we discovered the tradition and the potential of our region that for centuries generates the highest quality grape and gives an authentic and distinctive wine of international character.Special terroir with usage of the latest technology and finesse of world renowned experts in the field of oenology close circle of wine of a unique character.

    Wines of the Winery Zvonko Bogdan bear the seal of the region from which arise and reflect our uncompromising aspiration.


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    Each glass of our wine hides a secret of miracle compound of plains and the earth, sun and rain, modern and traditional inviting you to go with us to the beginning of a new wine journey to the place where the wine and the music build to give a new experience and meaning to life.

  • Zvonko Bogdan

    The Winery is named after a famous singer of old songs, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, whose art and the name are synonyms for the ultimate experience, such as wine and Zvonko Bogdan wineries...

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