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Winery Zvonko Bogdan winner of the investment of the year

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 09:00

Winery Zvonko Bogdan" won the award for the investment of the year "Aurea 2012" that business portal "eKapija" traditionally awarded every year.

The project of the new opened winery on Palic Lake is ranked best by the three criteria-innovation, social utility and financial potential. The main prize to the winner was award by the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Verica Kalanovic, and the grant award in Belgrade "club" was attended by numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps, business community and media.

In the name of the winery the award received prominent artist Zvonko Bogdan, while the manager Zlatko Živanić thanked to the audience.

- "Winery Zvonko Bogdan" is on the market just over a year and we are very pleased that we have in the first year rewarded for our work. After gold and silver medal for wine in San Francisco, Tokyo and Vienna, "Aurea" is the first award for the entire winery and proof that the Serbian market certainly appreciates quality, as the product itself, and the entire production.

Besides the main award at the ceremony were awarded two special awards - for innovation and social utility. Honored to carry the title of the innovative investment had the company "Strauss Adriatic" for the project using waste products for the heating plant in Simanovci, while acknowledging for the social benefits went to the company "Delta" from Kladovo for the project for recycling waste oil.

- Idea Award "Aurea" is to highlight and promote the true values in the investment and business sense, the values ​​that lead our country towards the rich and developed societies. These values ​​and these projects represent a roadmap for sustainable and independent development of our country and all of us should fight to create the best possible climate to make them any more tomorrow. The big winner this year is an investment in "Winery Zvonko Bogdan," but I am pleased to mention that we had during the nomination a lot of valuable projects, which shows that investors are willing to engage in this kind of quality investments in the times when the general level of investment is on minimum - said Zdravko Loncar, director of "eKapija".

- It is my great honor to participate in such an important project for the Serbian economy. One of the slogans of the company SGS is "Let''s be part of the successful world", which could be applied as guidance for projects that are finalists for the "Aurea". These projects satisfy three required criteria, that have achieved with undisputed quality. What I want to emphasize is that for success, both in Serbia and in the world, it is necessary for nurturing the right values​​, respect for ethical codes of professional relationships, emphasis on continuously improving the quality and compliance standards and procedures - said Marinko Ukropina, CEO of SGS Belgrad.

Besides awarded investment in the finale of this year''s election for the "Aurea" has entered the five more projects. These are: "Sigma" - a system for water disinfection, "Bottle Co." - apparatus for the destruction of medical needles, "Terra Panonica" - Cultural Center for Youth, "Carbo Concept" - machines for production of PET and "Eco-products" - modern energy efficient dairies.

The winner was determined by a six-member jury, and the voice was also given by the readers of portal and

About the winner of the "Aurea 2012"

"Zvonko Bogdan Winery" is open on the Palic Lake in April 2011. year. Since of the beginning the rule is - everything that we do must to be the best: from the choice of climate and soil to efforts to shift to organic production. The main enologist is Thomas Seeger, the owner of the winery, "Seeger" in Germany and for years one of the best winemakers by choice of local wine producers association. His years of experience conveyed in the winery in Subotica, where he introduced the so-called. "closed system of production." The winery has installed the most modern technology for the production of wine, steel tanks for the vinification and oak barrels that are 100 years old, and each tank in which the wine aged is connected to the computer, so that it can be controlled remotely, without the presence of the winery.

The first bottle from the cellar in Palic will appear on the market this spring