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Tourist visit to the Winery

Gates of the Winery are wide open to all tourist visitors and wine lovers who want to experience the magic of the occurrence of wine and in the beautiful ambiance of tasting room enjoy the wines of Zvonko Bogdan Winery.

Zvonko Bogdan Winery offers the following types of tours:

  • STANDARD TOUR - Tour of the Winery, and tasting of 3 types of wine - Classic line ......... 800 rsd
  • PREMIUM TOUR - Tour of the Winery, and tasting of 4 types of wines - Premium line....... 1200 rsd
  • LUX TOUR - Tour of the Winery, and tasting of 6 types of wines - Premium line/ Icon line.. 1700 rsd

Working time:

  • Sunday - Wednesday: 10 - 16h
  • Thursday - Saturday: 10 - 20h   

Winery tour and wine tasting take place accompanied by a professional guide in the Serbian, Hungarian or English language.

The tasting of wines will be completed according to your wish diverse offer of Wine Platter:

Wine Platter Basic   Wine Platter Standard   Wine Platter Premium   

Special offer 

For a true wine lovers there is a fascinating and intimate part of the Winery. "Lux lounge" can accommodate up to 12 guests. It is charming, elegant, welcoming and guarantees privacy for all guests. "Lux lounge" is suitable for management team meetings, or simply hedonists that seek for a premium wine and food experience.

Premium    Lux

See the virtual tour of the Winery.

Virtual tour


For information and reservations, you can contact us via:


Tel: 062 789 979